Rebuild Your Gums With Gum Recession Treatment in Basking Ridge

When you’ve lost gum tissue, you need the skills of an expert dentist, one adept at delivering critical services when you most need them. You can rely on the expertise of Dr. Konstantine Trichas for Basking Ridge gum recession treatment. His skilled touch can help you:

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  • Prevent further gum recession and bone loss.
  • Avoid tooth loss and the expense of replacing teeth.
  • Relieve gum discomfort and sensitivity when eating.
  • Give you back your confidence to smile fully.

Call us today at (908) 356-6635 to get your gums back into shape. Our office is located at 41 Stonehouse Road, across from Civic Center Park.

We Offer Two Options For Treating Gum Loss

If you experience gum loss, we have two great ways to treat it. One way is with a gum graft. Our office works closely with Dr. Trichas’s wife, who is a periodontist. She can take healthy gum tissue from another part of your mouth and attach it to areas where you’ve lost gum tissue. With healthy gum tissue in place, your gums will begin to heal and grow back new tissue. With good oral hygiene and periodic checkups, your gums can be good as new in no time.

The second method we might use to restore your gums involves making a tiny hole in your gums. We can then use special tools to manipulate and adjust your gum tissue through the hole. There is no cutting involved, and you won’t need any stitches. Consequently, the healing time for this procedure is very short compared to a gum graft.

The best part is, either procedure will allow you to regain healthy gums so you’ll feel like smiling again!

Recessed Gums Can Harm Your Teeth

Gum recession can happen for one of several reasons. For some people, inadequate brushing and flossing can lead to gum disease that can destroy gum tissue. Other people have genes that make them more likely to experience gum loss. You can even lose gum tissue if you brush your teeth too hard.

Recessed gums are no laughing matter. If left untreated, not only can your gums become quite painful, but recessed gums could eventually lead to tooth loss. That’s why routine dental checkups with Dr. Trichas are so important. Regular exams can help us nip gum disease and gum loss in the bud, before they have a chance to damage your smile.

Call us today for an exam or to get started on your Basking Ridge gum recession treatment: (908) 356-6635. Don’t risk your precious smile any longer!

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