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Gum Reshaping/ Gummy Smile Treatment

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Let Us Sculpt Your Gums With Gum Reshaping in Basking Ridge

A recent survey found that 45 percent of people believe a smile is a person’s best feature, no matter how old they are. If your gums are overshadowing your smile, Konstantine Trichas DDS, LLC offers effective treatment with Basking Ridge gum reshaping. This beneficial treatment can help you:

  • Smile comfortably during social and business interactions.
  • Never again worry about mastering the “closed-lip smile.”
  • Give your teeth the spotlight rather than your gums.
  • Increase your overall confidence level and self-esteem.

Call us today to schedule your gum reshaping procedure: (732) 314-4218. Our friendly office is located at 41 Stonehouse Road, not far off South Finley Avenue.


Your smile line, the teeth that show when you smile, is influenced by a number of factors, including your gum tissue and the size and shape of your teeth. If your teeth appear too short, or if too much gum material is visible when smiling, then your teeth-to-gum ratio can be out of balance, resulting in a “gummy smile.”

Konstantine Trichas DDS, LLC offers effective help for this condition. As part of our suite of cosmetic dentistry services, gummy smile treatment or gum reshaping can give you balance between your teeth and gums, helping you avoid awkward situations where you’re trying to hide your smile.

For many patients with this problem, we can use a special, low-power dental laser to gently remove excess gum tissue. Our laser will not only remove the tissue painlessly, it will also reseal the gums and speed up the healing process.

If you’re not a good candidate for a laser gum procedure, we can also use traditional gum surgery to remove the necessary gum tissue. Either result will be the same, however – beautiful teeth and gums that give you a balanced, aesthetically pleasing smile!

Gum reshaping in Basking Ridge can give you a completely new look. Call Konstantine Trichas DDS, LLC today at (732) 314-4218 to schedule your appointment.


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