Smile Brightly With Dental Cleanings & Exams in Basking Ridge

Visiting Dr. Trichas twice a year for a routine checkup is crucial if you want to maintain optimal oral health. At Konstantine Trichas DDS, LLC, our Basking Ridge dental cleanings and exams will help:

  • Keep your teeth white and bright.
  • Give you peace of mind about unknown oral problems.
  • Catch and treat cavities and gum disease before they worsen.
  • Give you more confidence that your smile looks attractive.
  • Avoid the need for more expensive dental work down the road.

Schedule your next exam and cleaning today by calling (908) 356-6635. We’re located at 41 Stonehouse Road, just down from the Shell Service Center.

Receive the Royal Treatment From Our Team of Experts

Dr. Trichas and our team love to see our patients for their routine checkups. It gives us the opportunity to monitor their oral health and advise them of any treatments that are needed to help them maintain a beautiful smile.

If you’re a first-time patient to Konstantine Trichas DDS, LLC, then you’re in for a treat! Our front desk staff will give you a warm greeting and walk you through filling out any necessary paperwork. Our hygienist will then take a set of X-rays, examine your teeth and gums, use our electronic cavity detector to check for tooth decay, and perform an oral cancer screening.

Dr. Trichas will then meet with you and explain our practice’s philosophy. He will get to know you and discuss any particular issues or goals you have for your smile. Then he will review your X-rays and perform a complete dental exam.

Next, we will make recommendations for any treatment you need to either maintain good oral health or enhance your smile. We believe that knowledge is power. By educating you, we put you in control of your own oral and total body health. Recommended treatments could include gum disease treatment, fluoride treatment, tooth sealants, custom mouthguards, dry mouth treatment, or halitosis (bad breath) treatment. If you have severe dental needs, we may bring you back later to present your treatment plan.

Normally, we will schedule your teeth cleaning and polishing for a separate appointment, unless you want or need to have it done at your initial visit.

For a beautiful smile, keep up with your Basking Ridge dental cleanings and exams. Call us today to schedule your next checkup: (908) 356-6635.

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