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Straighten Your Crooked Smile With Invisalign in Basking Ridge

Orthodontic treatment today means so much more than just old-fashioned metal braces. As an alternative to using metal brackets and wires that can irritate your mouth, the Invisalign system uses clear, plastic teeth aligners. Both adults and teens love their comfortable fit. When you combine Invisalign in Basking Ridge with the expertise of Konstantine Trichas DDS, LLC, you’ll soon see the smile of your dreams! Your orthodontic treatment can:

  • Straighten your teeth in about nine to 15 months, a considerably shorter time than traditional braces.
  • Improve your confidence level and make it easier to meet new friends.
  • Make dating situations more relaxed and comfortable, without fear of embarrassment.
  • Help you maintain good oral hygiene with evenly spaced teeth that discourage the growth of bacteria.
  • Give you a younger, healthier, and more robust appearance.

Schedule your complimentary Invisalign consultation to get started with your new smile. Call us today at (732) 314-4218. We’re located at 41 Stonehouse Road, convenient for residents in and around the Basking Ridge ZIP code of 07920.


Invisalign orthodontic treatment has been on the market for over two decades. Its smooth plastic teeth aligners are much more comfortable than metal braces, and our patients report little to no difficulty in getting used to them.

Dr. Trichas, an Invisalign Preferred Provider, will give you a thorough exam to make sure you’re a good candidate for clear teeth aligners. If you are, then we’ll use an iTero Intraoral Scanner to give you a smile preview. Before-and-after pictures will show you exactly how dramatic your smile transformation will be!

Next, we’ll take impressions of your mouth so that your new aligners can be crafted to exact specifications. You’ll wear each set of custom aligners for about two weeks before moving on to the next set in the series.

Adults love Invisalign treatment because they never have to worry about an embarrassing “metal mouth” at work, plus the aligners can be removed for special occasions. Teens love Invisalign Teen because they can pop out the aligners if they’re playing sports or going out with friends. To maximize your results, just wear the aligners for at least 22 hours a day during your treatment.

For convenience, you’ll receive several sets of aligners at one time. For shorter treatment periods, patients will get all their aligners at one time. Either way, we’ll have you come into our office every three months to check your progress. When you reach the last set of aligners, you’ll be done with your treatment, and you’ll be able to see your radiant, straight smile in the mirror.

Once your Invisalign treatment is complete, you may want to explore our other cosmetic dentistry services to enhance your smile even further. Teeth whiteningdental bonding, and gum reshaping are all quick, pain-free treatments that can add to the overall beauty of your smile. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about our wide selection of services.

Invisalign in Basking Ridge can give you the “red carpet” smile you’ve been longing for! Call us today at (732) 314-4218 to schedule a complimentary, no-hassle orthodontic consultation. You can also request an appointment online.


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