Bone Regeneration in Basking Ridge Prepares Your Jaw For Implants

If you’ve been told that your jaw is too weak to support dental implants, we have wonderful news for you. Basking Ridge bone regeneration can make your jaw strong and healthy enough so that implants are a possibility. The team at Konstantine Trichas DDS, LLC can perform a regeneration procedure that will give you all the benefits of dental implants, including:

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  • A whole, beautiful smile.
  • The ability to eat any kind of foods you want.
  • Improved confidence to meet new people.
  • Better overall oral health.
  • A younger, more attractive appearance.

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Learn More About Bone Loss & Regeneration

You can lose jawbone density and strength for one of several reasons:

Any of these circumstances can make it difficult, if not impossible, for us to place dental implants. We have two great bone improvement methods that, after a healing period, will allow you to get your new implants.

A traditional bone graft procedure uses synthetic bone material to stimulate the growth of new bone cells. Dr. Trichas’s wife, a licensed periodontist, will place this material on the bone in a surgical procedure. Over the course of a few months, your jawbone will produce new growth, getting stronger and denser along the way.

The second method of bone strengthening involves the innovative LANAP® technique. This is the only laser treatment that has been approved by the FDA to regenerate bone material. We’ll use a low-power laser that actually stimulates your body to produce new bone.

Best of all, with LANAP there is no cutting, stitching, or bleeding involved. These are the benefits of LANAP that our patients most enjoy! Plus, the minimally invasive procedure means a shorter, more comfortable healing time.

Get your mouth ready for dental implants with bone regeneration in Basking Ridge. Call us today to schedule your no-obligation consultation: (908) 356-6635.

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