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Ridge Augmentation

Build A Strong Foundation For Your Dental Implants.

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Prepare Your Mouth For Implants With Ridge Augmentation in Basking Ridge

Dental implants are one of our best restorative dentistry tools for replacing missing teeth. If your jaw ridge is weak, the expert dental team at Konstantine Trichas DDS, LLC can make dental implants a possibility for you. Ridge augmentation in Basking Ridge will rebuild your jaw, making it strong enough to have implants placed. Benefits of having us perform this procedure include:

  • An on-staff oral surgeon, Dr. Ivan Georgiev, with many years of surgical experience.
  • Longer appointment times if needed.
  • Three types of dental sedation to help you relax and feel at home.
  • A staff who’s dedicated to comfortable, accurate care.

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You may need a ridge augmentation before your jaw will be ready to support dental implants. After you lose a tooth, or even after one is removed, the bone around that area will slowly begin to deteriorate. Eventually, the bone becomes too weak or too shallow for successful implant placement.

Using one or more techniques, Dr. Georgiev can build up the ridge where your new implants will ultimately sit. Your treatment may involve a bone graft using blocks of synthetic bone material. Carefully placed in your jaw, the material will stimulate the growth of your own new bone tissue over the next few months.

In some cases, gum disease or injury will leave you with insufficient gum tissue where your tooth was. If so, we may also need to add gum tissue along with bone tissue, either to make implants possible or to give your jawline a more aesthetically pleasing look. We work closely with a licensed periodontist, Dr. Trichas’s wife, who can perform this procedure if needed.

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