Has it been years since you felt confident about your smile?

Or perhaps you’ve never felt good about the way your smile looks?

Don’t lose hope!

There are so many ways we can enhance, improve, and even transform your smile with cosmetic dentistry at Konstantine Trichas DDS, LLC!

Today, we’re telling you about one of those treatment options that accomplishes the most for an imperfect smile.

It’s incredible dental veneers, a multipurpose solution that can completely overhaul your smile and your confidence!

Dental Flaws Are No Match For Dental Veneers!

Even though you might feel overwhelmed by all the cosmetic problems with your smile, nearly all of them can be fixed with just one treatment.

Dental veneers are the versatile go-to cosmetic solution for so many of our happy patients in Basking Ridge! They’re custom-crafted thin shells that are placed over flawed teeth and can last decades with the right care.

Here are a few teeth imperfections that are no match for dental veneers:


Gaps between teeth aren’t always a bad thing. You might notice a person with a small gap between their two front teeth and think it actually looks cute.

But that’s the exception, not the rule. In most cases, patients who come to us with gaps between their teeth aren’t happy about it and want to find a way to fix it.

Dental veneers can! Without having to wear braces to close those gaps, veneers can be placed over those spaces to make it appear as though you underwent orthodontic treatment!


Cracks and chips on your teeth will not heal themselves.

The opposite is true, actually. Any fractures on your tooth enamel will get longer and wider if you let them, but veneers bonded over damaged teeth will prevent that and keep them safe from bacteria in the future.


Even one tooth that’s slightly crooked can make you feel insecure about your entire smile. But the good news is that dental veneers are like an instant orthodontic fix!

When you cover teeth that aren’t positioned perfectly with veneers, you give the illusion that you just got your braces removed!


Whether it’s years of morning coffee, dark foods, poor oral hygiene, medications, or just the aging process itself, teeth can become dark, discolored, and even worn down. Take all those factors away, and you can still be unhappy with your smile because of misshapen, dingy teeth you’ve had from the start.

Either way, veneers hide it all!

Any stains or teeth that have worn, pointy, or rough edges can be concealed under radiant dental veneers that make your smile bright and even.

Find Out If Veneers Are Right For You!

Spend the last month of summer treating yourself to cosmetic dentistry in Basking Ridge!

We can figure out if dental veneers are a good solution for your teeth flaws and get started on designing your dream smile just in time for all the fun social gatherings of fall and the following holiday season!

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