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Dentist Basking Ridge NJ: Top Rated  Cosmetic and General Dentistry

Integrating Health, Function & Beauty
with Advanced Cosmetic Dental Techniques
for a Perfect Smile

  • Integrating Health,
    Function & Beauty
    with Advanced Cosmetic
    Dental Techniques
    for a Perfect Smile
  • Integrating Health,
    Function & Beauty
    with Advanced Cosmetic
    Dental Techniques
    for a Perfect Smile

Dr. Konstantine Trichas: Top Option for Cosmetic Dentistry in Basking Ridge, NJ

Dr. Konstantine Trichas was born and raised in Canada. He is currently practicing dentistry at his own practice in Basking Ridge, New Jersey. He graduated from the School of Dental Medicine at SUNY Buffalo with his DDS and completed his General Practice Residency in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania at Muhlenberg Hospital. He is a top Cosmetic Dentist in New Jersey and is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. He takes full advantage of the newest technology and techniques to diagnose and educate his patients.

He received his Fellowship at the Academy of General Dentistry, which is an honor shared by 7% of dentists in the USA. He also completed Advanced Educational Training with the Hornbrook Group, which is a center for advanced clinical education.

He was given the title of "One of the Top Cosmetic Dentists" in New Beauty magazine for his work in providing elegant, custom-fitting Smile Makeovers for his patients. He is honored to have crafted some of the most famous smiles in the USA - check them out on his Wall of Fame in the office.

He has placed thousands of implants in the 20+ years he has been practicing. Also, he participates in a variety of continuing education seminars every year so that he can keep on top of the latest technology and techniques.

His mission is to offer patients an environment in which they can be comfortable and confident in their decision to seek dental care. His passion and drive, along with his remarkable skill set, are a unique combination. He is always reaching for the next level to offer the best care for patients seeking even the most complex dental procedures. You can check out his Google rating for the Basking Ridge office: 4.8!

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Extreme Smile Makeovers with Basking Ridge, NJ Dentist Konstantine Trichas, DDS

Emergency Dentistry near Basking Ridge

When you have a dental emergency, it calls for prompt action and you'll want to know that you can count on your dentist to provide whatever services are necessary. The dental clinic of Dr. Konstantine Trichas always makes some time available for just such cases, so that urgently needed dental services can be delivered to clients. If you have a situation where you or a family member is suffering intense pain after some kind of traumatic oral injury, that is something that just can't wait for a regular appointment. Another sign that you have a dental emergency is when there's excessive bleeding after an accident, and the patient might even still be bleeding.

If you've had a tooth knocked out or severely damaged, it should be saved in a container with milk and brought in to Dr. Trichas' Basking Ridge dental office, so there is a chance it can be saved. The key point about emergency dentistry is that care must be administered soon after a traumatic event, so that any damage can be minimized, and so there's a good chance of restoring any damaged tooth. Whenever you or a family member is confronted with a situation like this, contact Dr. Trichas' office immediately.

Dental Implants & All-on-Four

Dental implants are the very best approach to replacing a single tooth or several which you may be missing. Because dental implants actually fuse with your jawbone to become part of your mouth, they are literally part of the foundation of your mouth. Once a titanium implant has fused with your jawbone, a false tooth or crown can be emplaced, so as to feel and look as much like a natural tooth as possible. You'll notice that chewing is completely natural and that your speech is clear and distinctive.

Although a dental implant in Basking Ridge may take several months to install (the time is necessary for the titanium anchor to fuse with your jawbone), once it's in place you'll have the most solid possible foundation for your new tooth. Dr. Trichas' staff has several experts in dental implant procedures, so you'll be able to get the benefit of their years of experience and knowledge to have your own implant installed. This dental procedure has an extremely high success rate, upwards of 95%, so you can count on having a new tooth which is fully functional, and looks just like a natural part of your mouth.

Meet Your Transformation Experts

  • Renowned for giving patients a new outlook on life by helping them attain their ideal smile, cosmetic dentist Dr. Trichas has been recognized as a Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry by his peers in the field—a distinction shared by only 7 percent of dentists nationwide.
    Dr. Konstantine Trichas
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  • Dr. Ivan Georgiev, DMD is an oral & maxillofacial surgery specialist in Montclair, NJ. He practices oral & maxillofacial surgery.
    Ivan Georgiev
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Meet Konstantine Trichas

A patient’s comfort is just as important to Dr. Konstantine Trichas as the details of a procedure. He makes physical and emotional comfort a priority in his practice, offering a variety of dental spa amenities to help patients relax. Dr. Trichas, along with his skilled dental team, do their best to make going to the dentist as pleasant and stress-free as possible. With his extensive training and experience in the dental field, Dr. Trichas proves to be a leading New York dentist, providing superior dental care while restoring patients’ confidence in the appearance of their smile.
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Meet Dr. Ivan Georgiev

Although it is one of the most winding paths imaginable, being born and raised in Bulgaria and moving to the U.S. at the age of 10 made Dr. Ivan Georgiev into the professional he is today. After arriving in the U.S., his family moved six times in the first four years. He has lived on both coasts and along the way been exposed to a variety of people and cultures and made many friends.

Ultimately, his love for surgery is what drove Dr. Ivan Georgiev to become an oral surgeon.
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Our Basking Ridge Dental Team

Dr. Konstantine Trichas goes out of his way to welcome all patients to his Basking Ridge dental clinic, and ensures that they are as comfortable as possible during their stay. Understanding that many people are stressed out by having to make a visit to the dentist, Dr. Trichas uses his extensive experience to provide the very best in dental care while also making patients as relaxed as possible.

Dr. Ivan Georgiev, DDS has a remarkable past, which includes being born and raised in the country of Bulgaria. Having arrived in the United States, he studied oral surgery and became a proficient practitioner of oral and maxillofacial surgery. He has a number of educational achievements as well as awards and accomplishments to his credit, and is a valuable member of the dental team.
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Kind Words from Our Dental Patients

  • Thank you to Dr. Trichas for suggesting the Icon process to treat the white spots on my son’s front teeth. He had been teased about their appearance and was lacking confidence about his smile. The office visit was quick and the treatment itself was easy and non-invasive. The results are amazing. The spots are gone.
    Katie C.
  • Five stars does not even come close to the unbelievable results that Dr. T. achieved with my full-mouth restoration. Ten stars would be more like it. Moreover, his assistant, Hosh, was nothing short of TERRIFIC. Finally, the excellent staff and caring service were over the top. This was among the best decsions that I ever made!
    Anthony B.
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