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Dental Emergencies: Tooth Pain

Tooth pain is definitely not something you should play around with. If you are experiencing tooth pain, it's important to contact your dentist as soon as possible. There are several things that could be causing your tooth pain. For example, it may be something as simple as food stuck in your teeth. Then again, it may be something more serious such as infected gums, tooth decay, grinding teeth, damaged filling, tooth fracture, or abscessed tooth.

Tooth pain may be constant, throbbing, or sharp. In some cases, pain is only felt when pressure is applied to the tooth. In some cases, tooth pain is accompanied by foul-tasting drainage from the infection, swelling around the tooth, and fever and/or headache.

When is it an emergency?

If your tooth pain lasts for more than 1 to 2 days and is extremely painful, it is an emergency. If you don't have it taken care of, it will only get worse. The infection will progress and the tooth will continue to die. Eventually, the tooth may break, fall out on it's own, or remain in your mouth until you have it pulled.

If you have tooth pain, it's important to contact your dentist as soon as possible and get in to have it taken care of. Get effective tooth pain relief and care in Basking Ridge, NJ. Dr. Konstantine Trichas DDS provides expert tooth pain remedies to ensure your comfort and relief from toothaches. While you are waiting for your appointment, there are a few things you can do to keep the pain under control:
  • Rinse with warm saltwater
  • Rinse with peroxide
  • Cold compress
  • OTC pain medications
In addition to the above, there are some natural/herbal treatments you can use, including:
  • Clove oil
  • Vanilla extract
  • Peppermint tea
  • Garlic
If you are in or near Basking Ridge, New Jersey, contact Dr. Konstantine Trichas for your dental emergencies. Our normal office hours are Monday and Tuesday 9 AM to 7 PM, Wednesday and Thursday 7 AM to 3 PM, and Friday 8 AM to 1 PM. However, we understand that dental emergencies can happen at any time, so we do have an emergency contact schedule for our patients so that we can treat your dental issues immediately. Call us at (908) 952-2087 to receive dental care as soon as possible for your tooth pain.
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