Get Dental Veneers This Fall! [PHOTO]

Over the past month, we’ve talked about the transformative power of our Basking Ridge dental veneers. Today, we’re showing you the difference they can make for gapped, dingy, misshapen teeth in this before and after image from our smile gallery. It’s hard to tell by the photos, but the ...

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You Can Change Your Smile With Dental Veneers! [INFOGRAPHIC]

Make a change this fall that will last throughout the seasons with dental veneers in Basking Ridge! Check out our infographic to see what kind of teeth imperfections that custom veneers can conceal. Then ask yourself if you’re ready to finally have a stunning smile you can feel proud ...

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3 Ways A Mouthguard Prevents Dental Disaster! [BLOG]

It’s hard to believe it, but fall is here! Our team at Konstantine Trichas DDS, LLC wants you to enjoy it free of tooth pain, cavities, oral infections, or damaged teeth. So today, we’re talking about prevention! 3 Ways A Mouthguard Can Protect Your Dental Health You don’t have to ...

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A Unique Feature of Our Dental Veneers! [VIDEO]

You’ve probably heard about dental veneers before, surely those of you who keep up with our blog. But here’s a little something you might not know - our dental veneers are especially unique! Listen to your Basking Ridge dentist explain a feature that sets our process apart, one that gives ...

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Is Dental Anxiety Putting My Oral Health At Risk? [QUIZ]

Does fear make visiting the dentist more and more of a challenge for you? Then perhaps it’s time to take our quiz to see if your dental anxiety is taking control of your oral health. If it is, you can expect to find solutions that work in Basking Ridge, such as three different forms of ...

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Treat Yourself This Summer To Dental Veneers! [BLOG]

Has it been years since you felt confident about your smile? Or perhaps you’ve never felt good about the way your smile looks? Don’t lose hope! There are so many ways we can enhance, improve, and even transform your smile with cosmetic dentistry at Konstantine Trichas DDS, ...

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Check Out This Full-Mouth Reconstruction! [PHOTO]

If you’re overwhelmed by your dental problems, then we hope today’s before and after case from our Basking Ridge smile gallery inspires you to explore what’s possible! This full-mouth reconstruction is just one example of the ways we can transform an unhealthy smile into a stunning one ...

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Win The Fight Against Fear With Dental Sedation! [BLOG]

Think back to the last time you hung out with family and friends. Perhaps it was only recently to celebrate July 4th with a barbecue and a few fireworks. Did you feel confident about your smile? Enough to relax and have a good time, to smile for photos, or to avoid an impulse to cover your mouth ...

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Should I Support My Dentures With Dental Implants? [QUIZ]

At the start of the month, we talked about some of the benefits of dental implants so you would know there are lifelike teeth replacement options available to you in Basking Ridge. Today, we’re continuing to raise your awareness about what dental implants can do for your quality of life with ...

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Freedom From Tooth Loss With Dental Implants [VIDEO]

Losing teeth places such a heavy burden on patients, emotionally and physically. That’s why we’re so proud of our computer-guided dental implant dentistry in Basking Ridge. Here’s Dr. Trichas explaining how our patients benefit from this superior form of tooth replacement! Escape ...

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