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Understanding LANAP: A Modern Solution to Gum Disease

Gum disease, medically known as periodontitis, has plagued humanity for ages. Traditional treatments often involved invasive surgery and lengthy recovery times. Enter LANAP (Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure) – a revolutionary approach that's changing the game in periodontal treatments. In this article, we'll introduce you to the LANAP procedure and its myriad benefits.

What is LANAP?

LANAP, or Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure, is an FDA-approved method for treating gum disease without the need for scalpel or sutures. It employs a specialized PerioLase MVP-7 laser to target and eliminate bacteria causing gum disease, leaving healthy tissues untouched.

How Does LANAP Work?

The LANAP procedure is a testament to the power of modern dental technology. Here's a step-by-step breakdown:

  1. Targeted Laser Treatment: The PerioLase MVP-7 laser is used to target infected gum pockets, effectively killing harmful bacteria without affecting healthy tissue.
  2. Removal of Diseased Tissue: Once the bacteria are eliminated, the diseased tissue is gently removed, leaving the healthy gum intact.
  3. Stimulation of Clotting: The laser then aids in clot formation, sealing the gum pockets and preventing any new bacteria from entering.
  4. Tissue Compression: The gum tissue is compressed against the root surface, eliminating the need for stitches.
  5. Adjustment of Bite: If necessary, the dentist may adjust the patient's bite to ensure no excessive pressure is placed on any teeth affected by bone loss.

Enhanced Benefits of LANAP Over Traditional Methods

Minimally Invasive Approach

Traditional gum surgeries often involve incisions and sutures, which can be uncomfortable and intimidating for many patients. LANAP, on the other hand, uses laser technology to target and treat infected areas without the need for cutting or stitching. This minimally invasive approach results in a more comfortable experience during and after the procedure.

Rapid Recovery and Healing

One of the standout benefits of LANAP is the significantly reduced recovery time. While traditional surgeries might require days or even weeks of recovery, most LANAP patients can resume their regular activities within 24 hours. The laser promotes natural healing, reducing post-operative pain and swelling.

Preservation of Healthy Gum Tissue

The precision of the PerioLase MVP-7 laser ensures that only the diseased tissue is targeted and removed. This selective treatment means that a larger portion of the healthy gum tissue remains intact, promoting better overall oral health and a more aesthetically pleasing result.

Reduced Gum Recession

Traditional periodontal surgeries can lead to gum recession, which can affect the appearance of one's smile and increase tooth sensitivity. With LANAP, the risk of gum recession is significantly minimized, ensuring that the gum line remains more consistent post-treatment.

Lowered Risk of Post-Operative Infections

The LANAP procedure inherently sterilizes the treated areas, eliminating harmful bacteria. This sterilization, combined with the absence of open wounds (thanks to the no-cut, no-suture approach), drastically reduces the chances of post-operative infections.

Promotion of Bone Regeneration

An often-overlooked benefit of LANAP is its ability to stimulate the growth of new bone tissue around ailing dental implants or teeth affected by periodontitis. This can be crucial for patients looking to restore the strength and stability of their teeth.

Less Post-Operative Discomfort

Patients who undergo the LANAP procedure often report less pain, swelling, and discomfort compared to those who opt for traditional gum surgery. This can reduce the need for strong painkillers and make the post-operative period more manageable.

Suitable for Medically Compromised Patients

For patients with health concerns like diabetes, heart disease, or hemophilia, traditional surgeries can pose risks. LANAP's non-invasive nature makes it a safer alternative for such individuals, offering effective gum disease treatment without the potential complications of traditional surgery.

Is LANAP Right for You?

If you're suffering from gum disease and are looking for a modern, effective solution, LANAP could be the answer. It's especially beneficial for those who may be apprehensive about traditional surgery or those looking for a quicker recovery.


LANAP is a testament to how technology is revolutionizing dental care. Offering a blend of efficiency, comfort, and effectiveness, it's no wonder that this procedure is fast becoming the preferred choice for both dentists and patients alike in the battle against gum disease.

Concerned about gum disease? Explore the benefits of LANAP with our experts. Schedule a consultation today and take the first step towards healthier gums.

nad| August 27, 2023
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