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Benefits of Dentures vs. Implants – Basking Ridge, NJ Dentist

If you’re missing teeth, you’ve likely felt uncomfortable and unhappy about this situation, and wondering what you can do to rectify it. We know how hard it is to smile when you’re self-conscious about your teeth! In need of some dental work but unsure whether dentures or implants are right for you? Trust our team at the office of Dr. Konstantine Trichas DDS, LLC to help guide you toward the right decision for your unique individual needs! We offer our services with the latest in dental technology and have over 20 years of experience serving the Basking Ridge, New Jersey community. Keep reading to learn more about dentures and implants, then schedule an appointment to discuss a treatment plan that will have you leaving our office with a smile! 


Pros of Dentures – Basking Ridge, NJ Dentist

Dentures are one excellent option to restore your smile back to how you’d like it. When done correctly, dentures fit properly and look cohesive, and are incredibly easy to take care of and maintain. You can easily clean them in or out of your mouth, and when you need to rest your gums from constant wear, you can simply pop them in a glass with denture cleaner! In addition, dentures are a great option for if your jaw, gums, or remaining teeth aren’t in great shape. Dental implants require your gums to be healthy and for you to have a strong jaw, so consider dentures if you’re looking for an aesthetically pleasing option that works for almost everyone!

If you choose to receive dentures, we will make molds of your mouth and remove any remaining single or decayed teeth. We will then go through the process of fitting your dentures properly so that you are comfortable and have no issues wearing them for prolonged periods of time. Contact us to get a quote for the price of this procedure, and to schedule a consultation to learn more about whether dentures are right for you.

Pros and Cons of Implants – Basking Ridge, NJ Dentist

Dental implants are great for people who are looking to replace a missing tooth or two. They are an excellent solution to chronic dental problems, and fit, feel, and function just like a natural tooth would! They are anchored in your jaw with a titanium screw that serves as an artificial tooth root, and they are a popular long-term solution to restoring your smile back to its original glory. Implants are also the only tooth replacement option that can help prevent bone loss, so consider that a win when deciding whether they are right for you!

If you choose to receive a dental implant, you will have the titanium implant installed into your jawbone first. After several months have passed and the implant has become a part of your jaw, you will then have impressions taken of your teeth so that a new tooth or crown can be attached to the implant. You can be sure that our team at Konstantine Trichas DDS, LLC will leave you fully satisfied with your implant procedure, so contact us for a quote and to schedule a consultation to learn more at your convenience!

Schedule an Appointment for Dentures or Implants – Basking Ridge, NJ Dentist

Ready to get your smile fixed and to leave our office feeling confident? Our team at Konstantine Trichas DDS, LLC is ready to serve you! Contact us today to schedule a consultation to learn more about dentures and dental implants. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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