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Implants vs Extraction - Pros and Cons in Basking Ridge, NJ

Are you struggling to make time for dental care? Does the thought of a dental implant or extraction fill you with dread? When you make an appointment with Dr. Konstantine Trichas in Basking Ridge, you can rest assured that whatever procedure you need will be handled with the utmost professionalism. We value your comfort and peace of mind, which is why we make sure each of our team members is well-trained and has your best interests in mind. If you have questions or concerns, check out our website for blogs with helpful health tips and more! Read on for more info about implants and extractions or contact one of our friendly team members at any time!

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Why Implants are Beneficial

Are you interested in learning more about implants? Here at our clinic, we know pulling teeth can be an incredibly painful and stressful ordeal for our patients. With implants, you are guaranteed a comfortable dental device that won’t move and shift in your mouth over time. Implants replace teeth that must be pulled and allow one to chew solid foods and enjoy less risk of developing an infection. Dr. Trichas is well known when it comes to placing implants and has been practicing the implant procedure for over 20 years!

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Implants vs Extraction- Costs and Health Effects

When it comes to prices for an implant versus an extraction, costs can vary according to each individual’s needs. If you contact your provider early on, you may be able to have 50% of your implant procedure covered by your insurance plan. Single implants can cost anywhere between 1,500 and 2,000 dollars. On the other hand, extractions are usually less expensive, with the average cost hovering around 300 dollars per tooth. For both procedures, there are always health risks. Implants may cause complications such as nerve damage, infection and gum recession. Extractions can bring inflammation, irregular bleeding and bruising as well.

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Why Visit Dr. Trichas?

Wondering why you should make an appointment with our clinic over the other competition? After a visit to our clinic, you can rest assured your self-esteem and oral health will be significantly improved! Dr. Trichas offers many different kinds of dental services and is considered “One of the Top Cosmetic Dentists” in New Beauty magazine for his excellent work providing his patients with well-crafted, custom-fitting Smile Makeovers! His mission has always centered around his clients’ comfort and health. Dr. Trichas’s passion is evident every time a customer steps through the door, so don’t hesitate to visit us as soon as possible!

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Are you ready to schedule your implant appointment and improve your dental health? If it’s been longer than six months since your last checkup, we encourage you to schedule a consultation so that you can enjoy better dental health today! Contact us through our website to make your implant appointment or call us at any time!

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