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Dental Implants


Dental Implants

Dental implants serve as artificial tooth roots, and in appearance they look very much like screws. Once they're inserted into your jawbone, they bond with the natural bone there. This allows them to become a solid foundation for supporting one or more artificial teeth. These artificial teeth are called crowns, and the crowns will be supported in place by an abutment which gets placed on top of the dental implant.

Dental implant technology has been around for more than three decades now, and implants have come to be considered the strongest oral appliances available for replacing your teeth. They are also the most natural kind of replacement available, since they have actually been bonded with your jawbone. Dental implant surgery has an extremely high success rate, and is one of the safest dental procedures in existence.

Who should have Basking Ridge dental implants installed?

Who-should-have-Basking-Ridge-dental-implants-installedDental implants can be an extremely effective replacement for missing teeth in your mouth. They are one of the most solid and sturdy replacement approaches available today, especially since they bond with your natural jawbone. You might be a good candidate for dental implants if you have at least one missing tooth, and your jawbone has reached a full stage of development. You'll need to have enough jawbone available to secure any implants which get installed, and you'll also need to have healthy oral tissues.You should not have any medical conditions which will interfere with the healing process in your jawbone. If you have already investigated dentures and found that they are not the solution you're looking for, dental implants may provide a better alternative. You'll need to be willing to commit several months to the process from start to finish. This is because once a dental implant has been put in place, it takes several months for that implant to bond with the jawbone. After the bonding has taken place, it will then be possible to install dental crowns, so that your mouth can be restored to normal.


About Dr. Konstantine Trichas

dr-trichasA big priority in the dental care provided by Dr. Konstantine Trichas is the comfort level of all his patients. He goes out of his way to ensure that all patients understand whatever procedure they're going through, and that they are totally relaxed about it. His extensive background in dentistry allows him to provide the very best care to patients, while also educating them about what's happening.He is a professional who makes a point of staying abreast of all the latest technologies and developments in the world of dentistry, so he can provide even better care to patients. He has been recognized for his expertise in cosmetic dentistry, and for his expertise in crafting the most natural-looking restorations. It would be hard to find a more dedicated and compassionate dental professional than Dr. Trichas.


Contact Us our Dental Implant Experts

When you're searching for an implant dentist near me, and you live in the area around Basking Ridge, NJ, you should consult with Dr. Konstantine Trichas before anyone else. Dental implants in Basking Ridge are taken very seriously by Dr. Trichas, and every patient gets his full attention, so the end results can be of the highest quality, and can look as natural as possible. If you spend some time researching dental implants near me, you should see Dr. Trichas at the top of your list, and that should motivate you to contact us for a consultation.

Frequently Asked Implant Dentistry Questions

Q: How long do dental implants last?

A: Typically, the screw part of an implant will last a lifetime, but the crown portion will generally wear out after 10 or 15 years.

Q: Is having dental implants installed a painful process?

A: In most cases, a patient will have a local anesthetic applied before the procedure, so there will be no discomfort at all.

Q: How long is the process for having dental implants installed?

A: From start to finish, it usually takes several months for a dental implant to be installed. This is because the titanium in the anchor of your implant requires time to bond with the jawbone, and that's the time-consuming part of the process. Once this bonding component has occurred, the rest of the process can be accomplished fairly quickly.

Q: What's involved with the preparation for dental implants?

A: It will be necessary to take 3D images and x-rays of your mouth, so that a model can be constructed for later use. You'll also have to review your complete medical history with your dentist, so that he/she can be aware of any potential complications.

Q: Will I feel any pain or discomfort during the procedure?

A: You will be given either a local or general anesthetic, so you should not feel any pain whatsoever.

Q: Can I drive myself to the dental office for the implant?

A: No. Since you will be given an anesthetic prior to the procedure, you won't be fully alert afterward, and you'll need someone to provide transportation.


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Dr Trichas is a great dentist! I have been coming to his office for many years now. He takes an integrative approach to dentistry. He takes into consideration the patient/customer's overall health, which I very much appreciate. The office is very professional and the staff is always friendly. Dr. Trichas is very much a people person. He is welcoming and genuinely interested in his patients. I would definitely recommend him.
—Louise V.
I have strongly recommended this dental institution to anyone that would listen or in need of the best doctors around. They are the best I have ever been to, caring, personable, and they have done nothing short of a miracle with the work that had to be done, I doubt any other dental practices could have done for me what they have, and with such enthusiasm helping their patients any way they can, it does not feel as if you are in a dentists office it is more of a family here.
—Trevor A.
Dr Trichas and staff are the best in the industry. If you want a passionate dentist Dr T is your man!
—Omar Z.
Five stars does not even come close to the unbelievable results that Dr. T. achieved with my full-mouth restoration. Ten stars would be more like it. Moreover, his assistant, Hosh, was nothing short of TERRIFIC. Finally, the excellent staff and caring service were over the top. This was among the best decsions that I ever made!
—Anthony B.
Thank you to Dr. Trichas for suggesting the Icon process to treat the white spots on my son’s front teeth. He had been teased about their appearance and was lacking confidence about his smile. The office visit was quick and the treatment itself was easy and non-invasive. The results are amazing. The spots are gone.
—Katie C.
Dr. Konstantine Trichas is an incredible, knowledgeable and professional dentist as well as cosmetic dentist, and dental specialist. He is competent in all aspects of dental care. Dr. Trichas is a genuine human being who is caring, kind and understands his patients. He takes The time to understand each case individually and will provide his patients with as much time as needed in order to answer any questions and provide an extraordinary dental experience. Dr. Trichas will put his patients at ease and spend as much time as needed so you are comfortable with your dental plan that is customized for eac patient. The entire staff provides a comfortable atmosphere from the moment you sign in, to the most wonderful hygienists, and dental associates. Dr. Trichas has provided me with full service clinical dental care, cosmetic dental care and has truly provided my family and I with positive experiences while reinforcing the importance of regular dental hygiene and maintenance. The patient is priority to Dr. Trichas. He is amazing and I highly recommend Dr. Trichas to all my family, friends and anyone who wants a knowledgeable and incredible dentist utilizing the latest technology. Thank you Dr. Trichas!
—Dora S.
Dr Trichas gave me a smile makeover. Fourteen veneers (10 upper and 4 lower). Not only did he give me a beautiful smile, he changed the way I walk, talk and carry myself. He gave me my confidence back. But, the best part of all, is that the entire family loves going there. Including my teenage son (16), and daughter (12). All around best Dentist we’ve ever had!
—Kate K.
Dr. Trichas and his team are incredibly professional, flexible, and treat patients with the utmost respect. I am beyond happy with the results of my cosmetic and general procedures. Dr.Trichas is truly an artist! Would highly recommend him to friends and family
I've been to Dr. Trichas a few times in the past couple of years. The first was for an emergency. I broke a tooth, tried to pull it myself and only got part of it out. Within 24 hours my mouth was swollen and the pain was unbearable. I called every dentist in the area and Dr. "T" told me to come right in. He cleared some time in his schedule to help me and removed the tooth. The removal was virtually painless, the cost was surprisingly fair and lower than other dentists quoted by phone. A+++
Our entire family sees Dr. T! The office is friendly, efficient and very warm. We have always had a wonderful experience and find his staff and Dr. T to be one of the best!
—Stacey Katz F.
Michelle Hygienist, NJ I have been working for Dr.Trichas for at least 5 years and I have to say that I am always looking forward to going to work. I've had the pleasure in witnessing prior, during, and after exceptional treatment our patients received from Dr. Trichas and our staff. Our office of seven will continue to be their for our patients and doing our very best to reach their request and concerns. I want to thank all of our patients for being our patients!!!
I met Dr Trichas a few years ago for an emergency situation and received skilled quality care. His staff along with his beautiful relaxing office has been my go to dental practice for continuing care and cosmetic dentistry. I am always complimented on my great smile! Thank you everyone!
I am so glad I found this office when I was looking for a new dentist. Pam immediately gave me the time to explain my concerns on changing dentist and assured me that Dr Trichas could provide the experience I was looking for in a new dentist. This practice has everything! Great staff, hours that meet my needs and a knowledgeable dentist. It is the one I send all of my friends too!
Dr Trichas covers all of our family needs. Me and my husband love seeing the hygienists for our cleanings as much as our kids do. Dr Trichas gives us his full attention when we are with him and his positive personality keeps us coming back to ensure our dental health and to keep our smiles looking their very best. This staff is a winning combination.
Had a great experience with doctor and staff. Highly recommend.
My daughter is a patient of Dr. Trichas. She had a very good experience at this office. She thought Michelle was great!
I've been with Dr.Trichas for 5 years and counting because the care and attention I receive is unparalleled to any other dental office. Dr. T is superbly meticulous and is the quintessential dentist for people who pride themselves on their smiles. Thank you making my smile amazing!
Dr. T has changed my life and I will forever be grateful for him as well as his incredible team. I am 25 years old and I am currently undergoing a full mouth rehabilitation. I have gone from having my teeth be my biggest insecurity, to now smiling for no reason just because of how beautiful they look. Dr. T has eased my dentistry anxiety and has become family over the past few months. There are no words to explain how incredible this process has been and I cannot be happier with my results thus far. I can honestly say I never imagined strangers complimenting my teeth and asking for my dentists name day in and day out. Thank you to the entire team for changing my life and allowing me to smile bigger than I ever have.
—Kathryn B.
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