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Cost Range of New Dental Implants

Dental Implants vs Dentures

Struggling with one or more missing teeth? It’s time to consider tooth replacement options. Fortunately, at Dr. Konstantine Trichas, DDS, LLC, in Basking Ridge, NJ, we have plenty of dental treatments to help you restore your smile. 

One popular option for their sturdy and natural-looking appearance is dental implants. If you have searched through tooth replacement options, it’s likely dental implants have crossed your mind – including the cost of implants and what makes them worth it. Tooth loss is difficult enough as is, so when you consider your tooth replacement options like implants, we don’t want the cost of implants to hold you back. 

What are Dental Implants? - Basking Ridge, NJ Dentist

Dental implants are dental prostheses designed to replace a missing tooth or several. An implant has a screw portion that gets surgically inserted into the jaw to mimic a tooth root to provide a sturdy base for restorations, like crowns or bridges. While the implant will infuse your jaw, it will also stimulate and preserve your bone structure. 

Due to their stability and surgical process, the cost range of new dental implants is often higher than other restorative options. However, the cost of implants and the difference between high-quality vs. low-quality implants can make a difference in your implant's longevity, appearance, and experience. 

Understanding the Cost of Dental Implants - Basking Ridge, NJ Dentist

Dental implants have a wide range of costs. Many factors go into the cost of implants, including whether you’re investing in high-quality vs. low-quality implants, how many implants you need, and what other steps will be necessary for you to receive the implants. 

Implants often cost more than other restorative solutions but are long-term solutions and often require less maintenance than any other tooth replacement option. On average, you can expect to spend at least $1,500 to $3,000 on an implant. But don’t let the cost of implants deter you! Sometimes dental insurance may cover your procedure so you can get implants for free, or there are many payment options to fund your implant procedure. The cost of high-quality implants is well worth the investment and can bring back your smile.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Besides their long-term solution and stability, dental implants offer many benefits that you won’t receive from other restorative treatments, including: 

  • Bone loss prevention
  • Better control of your oral health
  • Confidence when speaking
  • Compatibility with multiple restoration options
  • Single or multiple implant option

Ask Us About Our Dental Implant Options in Basking Ridge, NJ

Dental implants are a great tooth replacement option for most patients. However, there are certain qualifications that patients must meet to successfully receive dental implants. 

Patients interested in getting high-quality dental implants are encouraged to schedule an initial consultation with our team. 

During the consultation, we’ll discuss the procedure and your dental implant options as well as how we can help make the cost of implants fit within your finances. Don’t let the cost of tooth replacement options stop you from the smile you once had. 

Give our office a call to learn more today!

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